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  • Amy Sommerville

Who are we?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

So firstly I need to introduce ourselves, with a very old picture. How impossible is it to get a family photo!?

This is us, Guy - he’s an estate agent (it’s ok, he’s a nice one!) Amy - I melt wax and keep everyone alive. Oliver 8, George 6, Edie who is 4 and Stan the Sprocker Spaniel.

We got Daisy our VWT6 three years ago and although it’s a bit of a squeeze with 5 of us, we absolutely loved the adventures and freedom she offered us, not just with camping trips, but with day trips.

For three years we enjoyed and loved Daisy very much, with the Glawning we were able to very comfortably camp for weeks on end. However as our children grow and our desire to travel more freely grows, we have made the decision to part with our beloved Daisy and convert a LWB VW Crafter to minimise set up and expand on adventures...incomes 'Big Daisy'

I hope you enjoy following our conversion, adventures and recommendations

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