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  • Amy Sommerville

Glawning - Why we love the glamorous drive away awning

Having a small business myself, I really appreciate the huge importance of word of mouth and personal recommendations. This is by no means a sponsored or paid for post, just a humongous recommendation for an awesome product.

We bought our Glawning after just one camping trip in Daisy, without an awning. We knew immediately that we needed more space, but we wanted something a bit cool, quirky and different to a standard drive away awning. We naturally had a ton of questions before making such a big purchase, and Glawning's owners James & Sarah answered everything in such detail and with such passion. I hope that by writing this blog post, I can help to answer some of the same questions we initially had and cover the ones we get asked the most.

The one question we get asked ALL the time is, how long does it take to put up? It takes one person (Guy) about 25 minutes, it would probably be quicker if I was helping, but there are children to restrain and ciders to open. He makes minimal fuss, so I can only assume its fairly easy to erect!

Is it heavy when packed away? Again, a few grunts from Guy, but it doesn't require me getting off my camping chair to help. If we're talking 'officially' then I believe our version is 40kg

How do you fit it in the van with all the extra bits? Aha! this is where we had a brain wave, the first year we squished it all in Daisy, totally do-able, then we splashed out and had a tow bar fitted, purchased a Thule bike rack with a BackSpace XT, which is a huge waterproof box. In here we can fit the Glawning itself, and all of the extras like the stove, matting, reducer poles, bunting, fairy lights, you know, all the essentials.

Have you ever struggled to fit on a pitch? Only once, and this was at a very busy campsite that we took an instant disliking to, and left the next day. Luckily we had the reducer poles so we did fit, but we could hear our neighbours snoring through the canvas, so it wasn't the site for us.

Can you use the stove on most campsites? Yes! we always check when we book, we've stayed on campsites that don't allow campfires, but they were happy with the stove as it was a contained fire.

What's it like in wind/storms? We've been the last tent standing a few times! its incredibly robust and immensely waterproof.

What makes it better than any other drive away awning? Two things for me.. Firstly the stove, it's the biggest game changer when it comes to camping. Our favourite places to visit are Wales and the Lakes, you know what they get a lot of...? Rain! I can't even begin to think how you would cope as a family with small children camping for a whole week, when everything gets sodden on day one.... Whenever we're back at camp the stove is lit and everything is lined up to dry. Not to mention we are super cosy in the evenings, much to the envy of all the other campers. Secondly, as a stand alone tent, its really cool! Pitch it in the garden for a party, use it as a guest room when you have friends to stay and go to town with your glamping accessories, to make a super luxurious crash pad.

So I think you can safely make the assumption that we love our Glawning and we think it's the perfect accessory to any camper van.

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